Server Information and Rules (english)

Started by Darelius, Nov 04, 2022, 01:01 PM

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Server Rules
  • Be Nice!
    No hate, flame, politics, racism, sexual or other extreme things have anything to to on the server!
  • Dont bother others
    Dont steal, kill, destroy or harass other players or their bases.
  • Basebuilding
    Dont build Bases in POIs, they will be reset from time to time.

Server Mods - Clientside
You need Undeaad Legcy and this additional files
Iuvare Files
Undead Legacy
Install Undead Legace (2.6.17 stable in the moment)
Turn off EAC, extract the iuvare.rar in mods folder and extract it there.
Connection to "iuvare"

  • Claim Auto Repair Link
    container, repairs items in same claim with items in it
  • Electricity Overhaul Link
    many electricity changes in power etc
  • Electricity Bugfixes Link
    fixes many electricity bugs
  • Electricity Wind Power Link
    adds windmills for wind energy
  • Log spikes Link
    adds upgradable log spike frame
  • Legacy Extended Link
    Upgrade for Legacy with more collectible books and item mods
  • Compo Pack Link
    Many more Prefabs!
  • Powered Roll Doors Link
    Rolling Garage roods powered
  • OCB Remote Description Link
    Information Mod
  • Solar Recipes ULM Link
    Recipes fior Solar
  • Undead Legacy Link
    Complete Overhaul modpack experiemental 2.6.17

Server Settings
24h cycle120 min60 min
daytime length1818Night ends at 4 in the morning
Zombie Speed0,1,1,20,1,2,3a bit slower ones
Player Block Damage150%100%faster digging
AI block Damage75%, 25%100%, 100%They do less damage, especially in bloodmoon
Loot250%, 3 day100%, 5 daysa bit more loot
Death Penaltynonemany?no death penalty, cause of superzombies
Airdrop24h, shown72, not shownairdrops shown on map, one each day

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